Welcome to the webCAPTURE family; latest customer news

It’s been an extremely busy couple of months here at Govtech and we’re delighted to welcome Nottingham City Council and Isle of Anglesey County Council to the webCAPTURE community of customers. We are equally delighted by so many Govtech customers choosing to renew their hosted digital process automation services recently; so here is our September '21 customer news round-up.

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Moving into a new era, delivering a single digital solution

Together with our partner Granicus, we are delighted that Nottingham City Council and Isle of Anglesey County Council have put their trust in us to power their digital transformation in Revenues and Benefits, providing automation to improve customer experience and deliver efficiencies that were lacking in their existing systems. Also, exploiting the Granicus My Account web portal, both councils will be able to provide a holistic, end-to-end customer journey, improving customer experience and back office productivity in Revenues and Benefits as part of a corporate digital solution.

“We understand the particularly difficult environment in which councils have operated for the last eighteen months and the legacy of long term challenges this has bequeathed. So we are especially pleased to welcome two new councils into what we regard as the community of webCAPTURE customers. As always, everyone in Govtech will be working to make their digital transformation in Revenues and Benefits an unqualified success.”

Andrew Melvin, Managing Director, Govtech


Helping councils break out of vendor-controlled silos

In order to deliver true digital process automation for Capita Revenues & Benefits system users, we now have a complete suite of Revenues web forms to facilitate transactions which fully integrates into Capita One (Academy), including:

  • Direct debit payments
  • Change of address; move in, move out & move within
  • Landlords change of tenancy notifications (singly and in bulk)
  • Student Discounts and Exemptions
  • Special Payment Arrangements
  • Single Person Discount - Review or Cancel
  • Copy Bill request
  • Register for Paperless Billing

Making webCAPTURE available to Capita One customers is a key milestone in our company’s journey. We look forward to growing our Capita sites and helping local authorities deliver better services, through digital process automation and more focused targeting of their skilled resources.

“Govtech was ‘a company with a mission’. A mission to help us break out of the silo we were in. The Granicus govService platform was already widely deployed but nobody had previously integrated with our Capita One R&B system in the way they were proposing to do, so we had to have confidence in their abilities. What we found as we went along was that they are experts in the field in which they practice, Revenues and Benefits automation. Govtech’s approach was to present themselves as good problem solvers. And I was particularly struck by the focus they placed on 'value'; that what they are doing, the problems they are solving, must generate a return that we can measure. Their people are credible and the partnership they have forged with Granicus has created an eco-system for councils to exploit across all service areas. I am sure it will have a major role to play in the continuing modernisation of the council.”

Peter Honeywell, Transformation Architecture Manager, Plymouth City Council


But it’s not just new customers we’ve welcomed onboard. We are delighted that so many of our customers have recently extended their contracts for periods of between 1 and 8 years. Half of them have already been Govtech customers for over 10 years which, we like to think, means we have been able to fulfil our original ambition to be a trusted, long-term partner which conducts business in a different way to everyone else.

“What I liked about dealing with Govtech was that it never felt to me like it was just ‘a software solution’, it was software wrapped in a consultancy service. It’s felt like a partnership, where Govtech’s approach has been to ask, ‘what are your problems?’ and ‘how do you think we can help to fix these?’. And that process doesn’t stop once you go live; instead of just having a relationship with a Help Desk, our engagement with Govtech has probably intensified.

It’s been very different to my experience of dealing with big companies, where I’ve often felt like I was talking to ’the same person in a different suit’. Govtech brought different qualities and attributes to the table. You get the sense that they are seeking to understand before they act.

This approach, working together to define what you are going to deliver and what the outcomes will be, has been so different. Achieving those outcomes means we are in a different place when it comes to tackling our next set of challenges.”

Emma Rose, Strategic Development Manager, with overall responsibility for Customer Services, Revenues and Welfare, Plymouth City Council


So, we would like to say a huge thank you to all our customers who have chosen once again to extend their partnership, including those listed below (others mentioned in our April '21 update). We look forward to continuing to support their needs in the years to come.




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Trialling to success

And finally, after a short period of successful testing, Mansfield District Council has added UCDS to their portfolio of Govtech services. As the workstream from Universal Credit Notifications continues to rise and consume ever more resources, UCDS is now available in a shrink-wrapped configuration which is designed to get you up and running in a couple of weeks. It will filter out irrelevant and/or insignificant Notifications, load a much cleaner data set into your Benefit system (which improves automation) and transform the way that assessors can view the information contained within each Notification. No more need to review irrelevant or insignificant cases, or clutter up case histories with change notifications that didn’t change anything!

Is there any other news?

Yes! We have just signed up to exhibit at this year’s IRRV Annual Conference in Telford 6th – 7th October. We will be exhibiting alongside our partner Granicus, so if you’re attending come and say hello! You’ll find us at stand 49.

Now after that round-up it must be time for a coffee. I should have suggested to grab one at the start!


Save resources, manage volumes, and provide a better experience for your citizens and customers

Our digital process automation service for Revenues automates around 80% of the manual processing associated with in-coming work in both Capita One and NEC Revenues (Northgate). It frees up the resources otherwise consumed in handling transactions submitted online for Council Tax and Business Rates.