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Fill out your details below and our team will use this information to produce a written business case for you to review. Illustrated with key performance indicators, it enables you to model a gradual uptake in electronic self-service over a 5-year term and calculates the ROI.

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Populated with simple data about your Revenues Service, our calculator works out how much time is being consumed by manual processing and what this is costing. The results are presented in a way that enables you to sanity check the figures, simply.

£350k ROI

Typically, a mid-sized Council with 80,000 Chargeable Dwellings which achieves an online take-up rate of 50% in Yr 1, 65% in Yr 2 and reaches a plateau of 80% thereafter will free up around 25 man-years, the net value of approx. £350,000 after service fees.

New team

Some Councils are exploiting the freed up resources to create a dedicated team to tackle long-standing arrears and/or to increase the current collection rate. Kirklees MBC, collected an extra £1.2m in the first 12 months.