Our approach reflects our culture

We want to solve local councils’ problems. We value honesty and integrity. These values underpin all aspects of the services we provide and govern how we work with our customers.

We become a part of your team

We are good problem solvers. We take time to listen, learn and process what you tell us and then we articulate what we think is the best approach to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for. From initial introduction through to service delivery and ongoing support, we work together as an extension of your team, establishing and maintaining reliable, effective and efficient digital process automation services.

Our customers are the most important stakeholders in our business and, as a dedicated partner, we are there whenever you need us. We deliver on our promises, focus on your business outcomes, and measure the value of what we provide.


Our mission


“To help council employees be more productive and effective by automating manual tasks which consume their precious time, but upon which their expertise is otherwise wasted.”

Our aim is to be the market leading provider of digital process automation services to UK Local Authorities. We have proven our capabilities by starting with the most complex areas in Revenues and Benefits. Our plans will take us much further afield.


What we promise

  • Our solutions deliver exactly what they are meant to
  • We will save you time and effort
  • Automation in accordance with your business rules
  • Visibility and transparency of the business outcomes
  • Clear and concise Service Levels
  • We only claim what we can support by evidence and results
  • Honest, open advice, assistance whenever you need it
  • To enhance your reputation with customers
  • Data security and integrity embedded in everything we do
  • Committed to delivering to the highest of standards

How we achieve it

We provide access to a pool of experience, expertise, and technical ability all of whom speak your language.

Our customers are a community of like-minded councils who share and learn from each other’s automation experiences, are determined to take digital transformation ever broader and deeper and empowered to challenge us to make that happen.

We are committed to delivering to the highest of standards and our performance is tracked and monitored by each council in accordance with an SLA. We conduct service optimisation reviews with each customer, to analyse automation performance, compare this with others and identify local business rules and procedures which could be reviewed and changed to safely increase automation.

We can confidently say we are there on every step of your journey.

Why work with us?


Approachable & trustworthy


Reliable and proactive


Knowledgeable & forthcoming


Both IT and R&B experts


We speak the same language


Collaboration at every step


Proven experience


Demonstrable credibility


Our customers share a willingness to engage with us and are happy to talk about their experiences, so you can feel assured we are the right partner for you. We aim for each customer to be a reference site and their views on our services are testaments to our way of working.

“Govtech provides a personal touch, we feel very valued and not just another number, or part of the bottom line.”
“They set expectations, with clear outcomes and assumptions.”
“People are so interactive and helpful, nothing is too much for them.”
“We saw a company on a mission that wanted to help us break out of the silo we were locked into and they broke us out!”
“People and product stand up, can’t envisage anything better. Guarantee it does exactly what it is meant to do.”
"Best company we have ever worked with. You can quote me on that.”

Simply tell us who you would like to speak with, and we will happily put you in touch.

Now about you, and your digital transformation

Now you’ve heard about us, you will hopefully understand what we do and how we go about it.

Browse our range of hosted services to see which digital process automation solution will help you to get more from digital transformation.


Plymouth City Council

Transforming digital services to exploit automation in Revs & Bens went from being important, to imperative when the Covid-19 pandemic struck.


Salford City Council

Embracing digital change to aid their Digital First customer strategy, resulting in over 48,000 online transactions within the first year.


Wakefield Council

Delivering savings and outcomes by reducing manual intervention and input, resulting in 4,000 hours saved per annum.


North Hertfordshire Council

Modernising Council Tax services at a time of diminishing resources and increasing workload. Leading to 75% of online transactions automated, and a 4-6 week backlog reduced to 2 days.


City of York Council

A big win for digital transformation, with savings being realised within 3 months and an opportunity to exploit data they had never had access to before.


Kirklees Council

Resources freed up by webCAPTURE automation were redeployed into Recovery. A brand new team of 8 people was created to focus on aged debt and recovered £5m in 3 years.