Working together with our partners

Collaboration is key, and we’ve hand-picked like-minded specialists to help deliver a service that is second to none and to excel your digital transformation.

Helping you achieve more

Learning from conversations and experiences over the years, we continuously look at ways to excel in automation and enhance digital experiences. One way we can achieve this is by working with other experts in the field. By sharing stories and expertise, we work in unison to provide an offering that delivers a single digital experience.

So, what does this mean for you?

“Their people are credible and the partnership they have forged with Granicus has created an eco-system for councils to exploit across all service areas. I am sure it will play a major role in continuing the modernisation of the council.” Peter Honeywell, Transformation Architecture Manager | Plymouth City Council
“They know exactly what you’re talking about and can provide an answer straight away. The team are friendly and you feel comfortable dealing with them.” Paul Manning, Revenues Manager | Cheshire East Council
“They understand the business. We don’t need to school them. They are a genuine pleasure to deal with.” Neil Jamieson, Customer Service Manager | City of Edinburgh Council

Partnering with Granicus has allowed us to become part of a deeper, broader and richer cross service solution for councils; where together, we deliver a single digital experience allowing you to provide to your citizens an integrated, automated, pre-populated online service that is second to none. Our suite of Council Tax and Business Rates web forms sit within the govService platform, and integrates with our digital process automation service, webCAPTURE. Compatible for both NEC Revenues & Benefits (previously known as Northgate) and Capita R&B system users.

Who is Granicus?

Granicus connects governments with the people they serve by providing the first and only citizen engagement platform for the public sector. Nearly 300 public sector organisations and nearly 20 million citizen subscribers power an unmatched Subscriber Network that turns missions into quantifiable results. With comprehensive cloud-based solutions for communications and digital services, Granicus empowers stronger relationships between government and citizens.

About govService

With govService, smart governments are transforming customer service. They’re delivering an intuitive online citizen self-service experience while automating back-office operations to simplify workflow management of inbound requests.

About govDelivery

The govDelivery platform enables you to be fully GDPR compliant in a away that works for the public sector. This means you can continue to reach and engage with your audiences and
comply with the latest data protection regulations.

Enhancing citizens’ experience through digital transformation

Plymouth City Council engaged with Govtech and Granicus to transform digital services for its citizens while exploiting automation in Revenues & Benefits.

It went from being important, to imperative, when the coronavirus pandemic struck.

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Councils can spend tens of thousands and months of effort trying to design big transformation projects. Triple Value Impact instead effectively tells them to take one part at a time. Its Digital Blueprint is a 'menu' of mini transformation projects that can be delivered in weeks; it helps councils to identify their own transformation priorities and then get these done.

We're delighted to be Triple Value Impact's ‘best of breed’ partner for end-to-end digital process automation in Revenues and Benefits.

Who is Triple Value Impact?

Triple Value Impact's purpose is to give councils the confidence to make the leap, ensuring they land with certainty and confidence in the delivery of their digital outcomes. The founders want to provide a differentiated approach which is based on the principle of compressing the “time to value” for its customers. The team enable their customers to succeed through understanding and championing their interests and bridging the gap between their ambitions and the delivery of their outcomes. They operate a one team philosophy, recognising that combining their respective talents provides the best results.

Our digital automation services

Our range of managed services deliver content validation, back office integration and full data process automation in Revenues and Benefits; fully automating up to 80% of the workload associated with processing online transactions. We help councils to collect £10 Billion of Council Tax and Business Rates income and manage associated welfare entitlements more efficiently.


webCAPTURE automates the processing of millions of online Council Tax and Business Rates transactions submitted by citizens, students, landlords and businesses.


eCAPTURE validates your incoming claims, checking and cross-checking the data against your existing records, then loads them into your benefits system where they are ready for immediate assessment.

Universal Credit

UCDS validates, filters and “pre-assesses” the HB Stop and LCTR files received daily from the DWP via ATLAS. The action of reviewing cases beforehand, reduces subsequent intervention by up to 65%.