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We’re proud of our customers’ achievements. Our success stories demonstrate our eagerness to help local authorities overcome their obstacles and attain their goals.

Success stories

City of York Council

A big win for digital transformation, with savings being realised within 3 months and an opportunity to exploit data they had never had access to before.


Kirklees Council

Resources freed up by automation reassigned into Recovery. A brand new team of 8 people was created to focus on aged debt and recovered £5m in 3 years.


Kirklees Council | SPDR

Using automation to minimise fraud and maximise income. Conducting a Single Person Discount Review to check citizens' legitimacy and boost revenue.


Kirklees Council | UCDS

Parallel test proves the value in filtering LCTR Change Notifications and the associated CTS  administration with digital process automation.


North Hertfordshire Council

Modernising Council Tax services at a time of diminishing resources and increasing workload. Leading to 75% of online transactions automated, and a 4-6 week backlog reduced to 2 days.


North Hertfordshire Council | UCDS

Making the management of a complex
DWP ATLAS workstream much simpler by transforming productivity in CTS administration.


Plymouth City Council

Transforming digital services to exploit automation in Revs & Bens went from being important, to imperative when the Covid-19 pandemic struck.


Salford City Council

Embracing digital change to aid their Digital First customer strategy, resulting in over 48,000 online transactions within the first year.


Sandwell Council | UCDS

Taking back control of increasing ATLAS workstreams and protecting service standards throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


Wakefield Council

Delivering savings and outcomes by reducing manual intervention and input, resulting in 4,000 hours saved per annum.


What our CUSTOMERS say
“We have loved working with you and your team over the years and are looking forward to working with you again on the new things we discussed." Sue Knowles, Head of ICT, Revenues & Benefits | Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
“We’ve processed £125m worth of grants so far; at one point, we had 85 staff answering the phones on this. But we’re still up to date with everything else.” Steve Bird, Head of Welfare & Exchequer | Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council
“It has been an extraordinary and relentless year for the team in supporting both citizens and businesses. Luckily for us, with so many colleagues being moved onto grant work, having Govtech was invaluable and enabled us to maintain the everyday administration of my service.” Martin Smith, Head of Revenues | Bristol City Council
“We have been able to keep up with the work without needing to take on more temporary staff to replace the experience of those who have retired. It’s enabled a smaller and less experienced team to cope sustainably with a rising, complex workstream.” Anne Banner, Benefits Manager | North Hertfordshire District Council

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