Pizza, laughs and Alan's quiz; Govtech Summer gathering '22

What unusual property do the words Flour, Tern and Thirsty have in common? Take out one letter and they each spell a Number!

The answer seems obvious once you know it, doesn’t it? Alan, our Client Service Manager & DPO, put us through our paces with his quiz once again when we met for our annual summer outing. This year, our traditional BBQ was replaced by a pizza party at a Cirencester venue which we have visited before on several occasions: the Corinium Hotel. After a few rather miserable rainy days, even the weather was kind to us, and that Friday afternoon turned out to be unexpectedly sunny and warm which allowed us to enjoy al fresco dining.

With many of us still working from home, full or part time, a company event is always a great opportunity to see each other in person, catch up, and discuss spheres of our lives unrelated to work. There’s no better way to bond than outside of the office, over good food and drink, in a nice, relaxed atmosphere. The highlight of this year’s party was definitely the approaching wedding of two of our colleagues, Cathy & Andy, who were going to tie the knot the following Monday (read all about it in our special blog in October). We also welcomed a new member to the Govtech family, Ioana, who joined our Service Team the previous Monday. Good Luck, Ioana!

Govtech Summer PIZZA PARTY '22
Govtech-Summer-BBQ-22-2 Govtech-Summer-BBQ-22-3 Govtech-Summer-BBQ-22-1

Now, for the last round… think of an interesting fact, it can be something about yourself or general knowledge, anything that comes to mind. Write it down but be sure that it consists of exactly 10 words. Do you have it? And now, try to mouth it to your colleague (captain of the team in our case) hoping they’ll get it right! Sounds simple but somehow ‘a’ becomes ‘eight’, ‘queen’ becomes ‘feng shui’ and the whole sentence just doesn’t seem to make any sense. Even though none of the teams got the full fact correct (the record was 6 words!), coming up with the most bizarre phrases, we had some good laughs and ended that afternoon in high spirits!


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