Kirklees Council Adopt Govtech's Student Exemption and Discount Form

Congratulations and thank you to Kirklees Council as they implement another of Govtech’s service options – Online Authenticated Students Council Tax Exemption and Discount.

This is a particularly busy time of year for Council Revenues teams as they start to process the influx of new student registrations and grant the appropriate exemptions or discounts. To help reduce the burden of this annual process Kirklees have adopted Govtech’s Authenticated Student Service, allowing students to both register online and have their student status verified.
This is so much more than a simple online form solution and incorporates full back office Digital Process Automation configured to meet legislative and locally defined rules.
Kirklees Council have added this service to the full range of Govtech’s integrated solutions that they have been using successfully for the past 5 years. Kirklees not only have a digital strategy, they have a Digital Vision which, through intelligent re-allocation of resources freed up by webCAPTURE automation, enabled them to reduce their accumulated aged debt by around £5 Million in the first three years. A remarkable ROI for any digital engagement project. Read the full case study here >