eCAPTURE UCDS takes off

Govtech’s new Universal Credit Digital Service (eCAPTURE UCDS) filters and pre-assesses HBStop and LCTR Change files received daily from the DWP. Filtering and pre-assessing Notifications significantly reduces the amount of work subsequently created in the Benefits and eliminates concerns about the quality of DWP data.

This improves confidence leading to higher, safe levels of automation. In parallel running tests, eCAPTURE UCDS filtered out 9% of Notifications and reduced the number of work items subsequently created in the Benefits system by 53%. Well over half the daily workload for assessors was eliminated.

Following the end of their UCDS trials in April, eCAPTURE UCDS has been purchased by Sandwell MBC, Bedford BC, Wolverhampton MBC, Northampton BC, Ealing LBC, South Ayrshire Council and North Herts DC. Trials in 6 more councils are completing in June. For further information, Contact Us.