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Leeds City Council joins the Govtech community

Leeds City Council joins the Govtech community

After an extremely thorough due diligence process, including hours spent speaking with existing Govtech customers such as Salford City Council, Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council and Plymouth City Council, we’re delighted that Leeds City Council, the second largest local authority in the UK, has selected Govtech to deliver end-to-end automation in Revenues for up to 4 years under G-Cloud.

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Hambleton Hall

Hambleton webCAPTURE

Hambleton District Council adopts webCAPTURE Revenues

Hambleton District Council has entered into a G-Cloud 10 contract with Govtech for the deployment of its webCAPTURE Revenues digital process automation service. The council will initially use Govtech’s intuitive web forms to capture online day-to-day notifications and service requests for Council Tax and Business Rates, processing of which webCAPTURE will automate in Hambleton’s Northgate Revenues & Benefits system.

Auto-indexing of associated documentation into Information@Work is a standard feature of the hosted service. The initial contract is for 15 months during which a new suite of Revenues web forms, designed by Govtech, will be added to the council’s My Account portal using webCAPTURE for process automation.

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