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Have you got the ‘energy’ for another council tax rebate?

Have you got the ‘energy’ for another council tax rebate?

Once again, another challenge, another burden faces Revenues teams as the Government look to local authorities to administer the £150 Council Tax energy rebate. As soon as we heard the news, we asked our customers to join a discovery call to see how automation can help them; it became apparent very quickly that it could. So, we delved deeper into what we could do for them (and non-Govtech customers) to overcome this latest challenge.

Let’s explore the issues…

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New service deployed

Kirklees MBC transforms productivity with UCDS

After an extensive period of working with Govtech to test and enhance its Universal Credit Digital Service (“UCDS”) Kirklees MBC has deployed the UCDS to great effect. UCDS supports Kirklees’ policy of reviewing entitlement to Council Tax Reduction only three times a year, unless there are any significant changes meanwhile.

Complementing its comprehensive filtering, matching and pre-assessment of LCTR Change Notifications received daily from the DWP, the most advanced configuration of UCDS has resulted in a 62% reduction in work items created in the back office system. Download the case study here.

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Hambleton Hall

Hambleton webCAPTURE

Hambleton District Council adopts webCAPTURE Revenues

Hambleton District Council has entered into a G-Cloud 10 contract with Govtech for the deployment of its webCAPTURE Revenues digital process automation service. The council will initially use Govtech’s intuitive web forms to capture online day-to-day notifications and service requests for Council Tax and Business Rates, processing of which webCAPTURE will automate in Hambleton’s Northgate Revenues & Benefits system.

Auto-indexing of associated documentation into Information@Work is a standard feature of the hosted service. The initial contract is for 15 months during which a new suite of Revenues web forms, designed by Govtech, will be added to the council’s My Account portal using webCAPTURE for process automation.

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