Seven more councils adopt Govtech’s automation

There has never been a better time, or a greater need, for automation in Council Tax. The end of Covid relief schemes and subsequent cost of living pressures have created a huge collection and recovery challenge for local authorities. Faced with severe financial pressures, the loss of expertise, staffing shortfalls, recruitment difficulties and increasing workloads, many Revenues Services are struggling just to stand still. It’s no surprise that FOUR FIVE SEVEN MORE councils (we've had three more since we posted this blog six weeks ago) have chosen to modernise and speed up collection processes through Govtech automation.

Proven, stable, predictable, end-to-end automation of incoming work provides vital relief and ensures that expert resources are channelled only onto cases and towards customers that require such expertise; this frees up time for more people to be devoted to collection and recovery. With consistent success stories coming from our most recent webCAPTURE customers, such as Plymouth City Council and Leeds City Council, others are now seeing the evidence that Govtech automation delivers what it promises.

We are thrilled to announce that Cheshire West and Chester Council, Hartlepool Borough Council, London Borough of Haringey, Herefordshire Council, Manchester City Council, Oldham Council and Lichfield District Council have all joined the webCAPTURE community during the last 3 months!

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Automation drivers

Each conversation, from initial discussion through to deployment, has centred around the need for automation to achieve ‘something tangible’. Whether it’s to modernise service delivery, free up resources to work only on complex and vulnerable cases, remove the reliance on agency staff, or automate that which wasn’t previously feasible – we’re proud that we can be of assistance.

“I was particularly struck by the focus they placed on 'value'; that what they are doing, the problems they are solving, must generate a return that we can measure.”  

Peter Honeywell, Transformation Architecture Manager, Plymouth City Council 


We’re giving councils a means to modernise the way they operate, enhance the citizen experience, redeploy their resources and speed up collection. After years of believing that their choices were limited, more and more users of Capita One Revenues & Benefits are turning to Govtech to deliver end-to-end automation of in-coming work.  

“The whole experience has been brilliant!”

Mark Amson, Revenues Manager, Leeds City Council


Why Govtech?

We have impeccable references from councils already making the best use of end-to-end automation and their willingness to share their success stories speaks volumes. You can expect complete transparency on automation rates; we share and compare performance between councils to share best practice and encourage the best use of automation. With rapid implementation (12 weeks) councils also see an immediate return on investment. Plus, we like to think we’re an easy company to do business with!

There’s no ambiguity

It either fully automates, or it doesn’t. If it passes your business rules, it fully automates; if it doesn’t, your rules will trigger an intervention. We measure and share the automation results. We’re thrilled to welcome Cheshire West and Chester Council, Hartlepool Borough Council, the London Borough of Haringey, Herefordshire Council and Manchester City Council on board. With 12-week implementations, we’ll soon be sharing their automation rates. 

If you want to discover what automation will do for you, speak to us at the IRRV conference; we’ll be at stand 42. Book a meeting or request a call back here – start your journey with an informal discussion. 


I want automation to…

Throughout the discovery process we always ask each of our webCAPTURE customers what they want automation to help them to achieve. Discover what they had to say.