Back together in Telford, IRRV Annual Conference ’21 recap

It felt like a long overdue catch up but was great to finally meet councils and R&B professionals mask-to-mask and face-to-face once again at the IRRV Annual Conference in Telford over the 6th & 7th October 2021. It was even more rewarding for having co-participated with our partner Granicus UK as we reinforce our determination to provide the best digital experience for councils and their citizens.

First, we need to thank the IRRV for such a well-organised event in a safe environment. Everyone we met shared the same pleasure at being able to get out again and have conversations in person. There was a consensus that virtual meetings have been vital and are here to stay but nothing beats a face-to-face discussion (especially over a game of pinball).

Yes, we brought back some nostalgia on our stand and ran a daily competition for the highest score. We all enjoyed some retro fun and so did our peers. A big congrats again to our Day 1 winner, Josh Horne, Trainee Investigator, Ashford Borough Council who scored an impressive 90,343,440 and Darren Vickers, Operations Manager, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council who dominated Day 2 and took home his prize with a massive score of 152,384,880!

Winners of the Govtech with Granicus pinball competition 21'
Govtech-IRRV-event21-Josh-Horne   Govtech-IRRV-event21-Darren-Vickers

“Whoever thought about bringing this had a great idea.”
Samantha, Cheshire East Borough Council


“I’m loving this!”
Jessica, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council


The IRRV event gave us the opportunity to catch up with our NEC (Northgate) R&B customers and discuss the continuing and relentless pace of changes that they face. And we were also able to share perspectives and ideas with new colleagues from local authorities who use Capita One R&B (Academy) as our digital process automation services now fully integrate with it. Many were interested to hear that is it automating up to 80% of the workload associated with Revs & Bens processing in Plymouth City Council.

Govtech-IRRV-event21-Pinball-1 Govtech-IRRV-event21-Pinball-2 Govtech-IRRV-event21-Pinball-3
Govtech-IRRV-event21-Expo-1 Govtech-IRRV-event21-Expo-2 Govtech-IRRV-event21-Expo-3

And then, just like that, the exhibition came to a close and it was time for the Excellence Awards and Gala dinner… and what a show it was! The first IRRV and industry event I’ve been to, it well exceeded my expectations. In a room brimming with excitement, anticipation and celebration, it was exhilarating to share in the successes and triumphs shared by so many in the room, all of whom were Winners by virtue of their Award Nominations. Around 600 people made this the first large scale event I’ve been to post-pandemic. The atmosphere was incredible.

What’s more, Govtech and Granicus were proudly sponsoring the 'Excellence in Innovation (Technology)'. When our 2 respective MDs, Andrew Melvin and Ian Roberts, took to the stage and announced the winner, our whole table erupted, as did the room. The award went to Salford City Council. A long-standing Govtech customer, we know only too well how hard their team work to embrace digital, innovate and deliver their Digital First customer strategy.

The applause and cheers didn’t end there, as another Govtech customer, Dumfries & Galloway Council, took home the ‘Benefits & Welfare Reform Team of the Year!’. An outstanding accolade and one truly deserved for all the teams’ dedicated efforts.

Govtech-IRRV-event21-Awards-2 Govtech-IRRV-event21-Awards-1 Govtech-IRRV-event21-Awards-3

So, the IRRV Annual Conference and Excellence Awards came back with a bang and we were pleased and privileged to be a part of it. We spoke to many councils about how digital process automation can help protect their people resources, beat down backlogs and provide a better experience for their citizens. But, in case you missed us, we always have time to explore digital process automation so drop us a message and let's start the conversation!


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