Forming partnerships that last; latest customer news

Its always a busy year end so we’re delighted that our customers have taken time out from annual billing, and even more rebates, to renew or extend our digital process automation services. We’re fortunate to have a strong and loyal customer base, so we’d like to express our thanks to the following councils, who have once again chosen to remain a part of the Govtech family:

Bassetlaw District Council   City of Braford Metropolitan District Council
City of Wolverhampton Council   Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council   Dumfries & Galloway Council
Ealing Council   Harrow Council
Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council   Mansfield District Council
Milton Keynes Council   North Ayrshire Council
North Hertfordshire District Council   Reigate & Banstead Borough Council
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council   South Ayrshire Council
West Northamptonshire Council    
Did you know – on average, customers have worked with us for 9 years

“Trust, integrity and being easy to do business with are cornerstones for building successful, long-term relationships. Govtech’s customers are exceptionally loyal to us. Being repeatedly told that our staff 'are a delight to do business with' is something we are proud to accept as recognition of their outstanding commitment to our customers.”

Andrew Melvin, Managing Director, Govtech Solutions


Guaranteed outcomes, supported by demonstrable results

We never oversell what we can do. We will always back up what we say we can do with evidence from councils where we are already doing it.

We're committed to deliver accurate, predictable, and consistently high levels of automation to help you to increase productivity, make better use of your people and improve customer experience. Our customers are testament to that, and if you share in their success, you’ll discover the benefits and numbers you can expect from automation.

A partnership is a two-way street

In collaboration with our customers, we continuously develop and enhance our digital process automation services to deliver exactly what they need to ensure they get the maximum benefits from automation. As new challenges arise, we want to help play our part; in regard to the latest Council Tax Energy Rebate, we we’re able to work in synergy with our customers to discover exactly what support they needed, and together, develop a solution that can attain it.

This in turn allowed us to create a brand-new Govtech CTER scheme in 4-weeks, a fully automated end-to-end service – from application, through verification, to payment. More details can be read in our ‘Have you got the ‘energy’ for another council tax rebate?’ blog post. And as the surge in Copy Bill requests give any indication, we’ve received 2,526 requests in under 3-weeks, doubling on an average week – it’s likely a consequence of the requirement to state your Council Tax account number to make a claim for the energy rebate – thank goodness for automation!

What’s on the horizon for Govtech

Well, it’s safe to say it’s certainly been busy.

We’ve signed up to participate at the IRRV Spring Conference in Leeds, 17 – 18th May ’22 – if you’re going, please come say hello; you’ll find us at stand 16. And we’ve locked in once again the IRRV Annual Conference in Telford, 4th – 6th October ’22 – we’ll be at stand 9 this time, so come talk automation with us! But if you have a pressing question that can’t wait, and we wouldn’t wait either, then simply get in touch.

We are extremely humbled and privileged to work with fantastic customers. Forming deep and meaningful partnerships is why we do, what we do. And we promise to continue to deliver on guaranteed outcomes in digital process automation.


What can automation do for you?

Our job is to make things happen, automatically. When you think about automation in Revenues & Benefits, what are your expectations and aspirations? Who set these? Are they high enough? With our solutions, you are fully in control. Tell us what you'd like automation to do for you.



Sharing experiences, leads to success

We’re proud of our customers’ achievements. Read our success stories to discover how digital process automation has helped local authorities overcome their obstacles and attain their goals. You have nothing to lose and, we promise, plenty to gain.