Preparing for the future, now

We’ve recently returned from the IRRV Spring Conference 2024 in Milton Keynes and the aptly named theme, 'Facing the Future: Planning for Change', created quite a buzz. We shared many conversations about what’s currently happening within the industry and how the need to be digitally inclusive is more important than ever. Workloads are increasing as budgets tighten, and the pressure to do more with what you have is relentless. But what can be done to break this cycle? Well, we were on hand to share how our customers have used automation to create ‘space’ for a reallocation of resources to their collection and intervention priorities.

90% is the new 80%

For 11 years, we’ve been sharing how webCAPTURE can automate up to 80% of the workload associated with processing Revenues transactions. That is now old hat. 

The latest Govtech customer automation reports for Q4 2023/24 showed a growing number of our customers exceeding the 80% figure, with Dudley Council, Kirklees Council, Salford City Council and South Ayrshire Council breaking the 90% mark on Council Tax Moves – the most complex transactions to automate! We work continuously with our customers to maximise their automation levels, and, through close collaboration we are seeing some remarkable achievements.

Attendees at the conference heard how they can modernise and future-proof their Service by planning for change now. Yet there are still councils who haven’t been shown that a Move can be fully automated, from end-to-end, including post-dated calculation of refunds or credit transfers, without manual intervention. We’re always happy to share our expertise on this topic and always grateful for the opportunity.

Reaching new heights

A few years back we setup an Automation forum to raise aspirations for what can be achieved by automation – a key objective was to raise awareness, especially for Capita sites, that there are now solutions they have never seen that can alleviate the daily pressures. So, we were delighted that a number of new Capita sites made contact with us at the conference after hearing about a new Capita customer automation user group, that has been set up by Manchester City Council, a Govtech webCAPTURE customer. 

Govtech now has 10 Capita customers on board and we’re confident and excited about the year ahead! As a company we feel that we’re finally getting across our underlying value proposition: Automation Made Simple.


The Govtech team


Karen and Andy with the IRRV


Karen with our competition winner

Automation Made Simple

It’s our new calling card and it’s what you can expect when you’re a Govtech customer. We’re grateful to have been able to share our expertise with participants and attendees from the IRRV Spring Conference, and we’re already looking forward to the Scottish IRRV Conference in Glasgow in September.

With Govtech, automation is simple, not complex, and there’s no ambiguity – it either fully automates or business rules trigger an intervention. The business rules which govern automation are overseen by you and you are fully in control. And when you go live with automation, your relationship with Govtech deepens because we’re there, on every step of the journey, helping you to optimise your business rules based on your experience so that you achieve and gain more from automation. See for yourself.


Automate your day-to-day Revenues workload

Proven, stable, predictable, end-to-end automation of incoming work relieves pressure and ensures that your expert resources are channelled only onto cases and towards customers that require their expertise. This creates ‘space’ for more people to be devoted to collection and recovery. 

Councils across the country have unleashed Govtech automation; proven automation that works. Automation made simple.

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