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Service upgrade

Major Upgrade of Large Landlord Schedule Functionality

Govtech Announces Major Upgrade of Large Landlord Schedule Functionality 

Govtech has announced a significant upgrade of its Landlord’s Schedule digital process automation service for councils. It imports lists of tenancy changes sent weekly by large landlords, typically as spreadsheets or CSV files, and automates processing of the changes in the Revenues system, treating each as an individual notification. Optionally, it also flags these as changes in circumstances in the Benefits system.

Rather than support a limited range of formats for Landlord’s Schedule, Govtech has announced it will extend its transformation routines to import Landlord’s Schedules in whatever format these are issued to Councils. This will remove the need for hundreds of tenancy changes to be manually processed each week. Between one third and one half of all address change notifications received by councils are submitted by large or small landlords. All will now be fully automated by webCAPTURE.

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Renews contract

Bradford Renews webCAPTURE for a further 4 years

Bradford Renews webCAPTURE for a further 4 years 

The City of Bradford MDC has renewed its webCAPTURE digital process automation service for Council Tax and Business rates for a further 4 years, via G-Cloud 11. As part of the new contract, the council will deploy additional webCAPTURE modules to automate changes of tenancy notifications submitted by landlords, and student discount applications. 

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Ealing and Northampton Councils Extend UCDS

Ealing and Northampton Councils Extend UCDS

Ealing Council and Northampton BC have extended their contracts with Northgate Public Services for provision of Govtech’s Universal Credit Digital Service, each for a further 12 months. As the Covid-19 lockdown leads to a huge increase in the number of people in receipt of Universal Credit, UCDS will play an increasingly important role in ensuring that councils stay on top of a work stream that is beginning to rapidly increase in size.

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Covid-19 update

Govtech Solutions Ltd - Covid 19 Update

Govtech Solutions Ltd COVID-19 Update

As valued customers and partners we appreciate your loyalty and the trust you put in us and would like to explain our approach to COVID-19.

We are taking prudent precautions at Govtech and adhering to the guidelines from the Government. We have activated our Business Continuity Plan and business is continuing as normal. There is no current or anticipated impact on our operations, Help Desk or SLAs.

We have enabled secure, remote working capabilities for all Govtech employees. We will continually monitor and assess the situation and of course follow the guidance issued by the UK’s Chief Medical Officer.

There will be a greater need for, and demand from, citizens to be able to transact online, so now may be a good time to increase signposting to online channels via simple measures such as website pop-ups, email auto-responses, automated attendant greetings, Twitter feeds, etc.

We retain significant capacity to support increased online take-up and to potentially assist customers in other ways. So, if you believe Govtech can be of further assistance to you during the next few extraordinary weeks and months, or if you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email.

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New service deployed

Kirklees MBC transforms productivity with UCDS

After an extensive period of working with Govtech to test and enhance its Universal Credit Digital Service (“UCDS”) Kirklees MBC has deployed the UCDS to great effect. UCDS supports Kirklees’ policy of reviewing entitlement to Council Tax Reduction only three times a year, unless there are any significant changes meanwhile.

Complementing its comprehensive filtering, matching and pre-assessment of LCTR Change Notifications received daily from the DWP, the most advanced configuration of UCDS has resulted in a 62% reduction in work items created in the back office system. Download the case study here.

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